National coordinators, data providers and other key supporters

National coordinators

Vitalie Ajder¹, e-mail:, Silvia Ursul¹ , e-mail:

Main data providers

Emanuel Ștefan Baltag¹

¹Society for Birds and Nature Protection

Other key supporters

L. Bogdea

Photo by Vitalie Ajder

National data sources contributing to EBBA2


  • „Monitoring Important Bird Areas in Moldova to Improve Conservation Management” (2013-2014)
  • „Common Birds Monitoring Programme” (2014)
  • „The ecology of the Saker Flacon”, (2015)
  • The Ecology of Shrike Species (Aves: Lanius) from Republic of Moldova (2013-2017)



I. Grosu, V. Postolache, V. Crudu, N. Crudu, S. Constantin, C. Cojan, S. Pruteanu, V. Pocora, V. Amarghioalei, L. Petrencu, J. Hecke, F. Klingel